Aerospace Site Assessments and Industrial Mitigation

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Engineering Analytics, Inc.’s (EA’s) environmental engineering expertise provides services to a wide range of governmental and private clients for soil, groundwater, surface water, and industrial discharge assessments and clean up. Our industrial and aerospace group has experience in a diverse set of industrial sites such as refineries, mining facilities (surface and underground), gas plants, gas compressor stations, oil production facilities, alternative fuels, chemical manufacturers, chemical recycling, chemical distribution, aerospace manufacturing, metal processing, airports, service stations, solid waste, hazardous waste, and mixed waste landfills. Projects have been conducted under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), Federal Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA), state Superfund, and state, county and local jurisdictions.

Areas of Expertise:

Site Assessment and Investigations

EA has implemented hundreds of Phase I and Phase II site assessments throughout the US. EA’s approach is to “begin with the end in mind” through collaboration with our clients and their counsel to identify the desired project outcome. EA’s engineers and scientists have conducted soil and groundwater contamination studies, emerging contaminant evaluations, vapor intrusion screenings, groundwater and surface water modeling, and forensic investigations. EA also participates in public outreach and communications to government entities.

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Remedial/Mitigation Evaluations and Design

EA has broad-based technical expertise covering all aspects of environmental site evaluations and design. Our environmental engineers and geologists have many decades of collective experience in contaminant modeling, feasibility studies, vapor intrusion studies, treated end use evaluations, and the design of remediation systems.

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Remedial Action, Optimization, & Regulatory Closure

EA’s senior professionals have significant experience in implementing and optimizing remedial systems, conducting risk assessments of existing and potential systems, protecting municipal supply wells, and accelerating regulatory closure while managing risk and ensuring sustainable operations. EA is on the leading edge of changes to technologies. We provide regulatory oversight and focus on long-term sustainably of projects both from a regulatory and client perspective.

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Permitting & Compliance

EA offers environmental permitting and compliance solutions as stand-alone sevices or in conjunction with other projects. EA professionals constantly collaborate with clients and their counsel to conduct agency negotiations, prepare regulatory summaries, assist in environmental and air permits, negotiate NPDES permits, and assess and manage stormwater.

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Industrial Water Treatment

EA staff have expertise in the process design of systems for the treatment of industrial wastewater and groundwater remediation using chemical, physical, and biological processes.

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