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Engineering Analytics, Inc. (EA) has extensive expertise providing engineering solutions for mine and mill sites. EA has successfully completed projects for numerous mineral, metal, uranium, aggregate, and coal mine and mill sites across the United States and around the world.

EA has a strong track record of providing comprehensive engineering solutions for mining and mill sites. Their expertise spans a wide range of materials and geographic locations, and they are dedicated to delivering projects that prioritize safety, environmental sustainability, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency. Their experience and diverse portfolio make them a trusted partner for clients in the mining and milling industries.

Our technical services include geologic engineering support for mining operations, such as: geotechnical evaluations, hydrologic characterization, water management, including collaboration with treatment specialists, as well as optimizing the water treatment process and management of treatment residuals.

Industrial & Aerospace

Engineering Analytics, Inc.’s (EA’s) environmental engineering expertise provides services to a wide range of governmental and private clients for soil, groundwater, surface water, and industrial discharge assessments and clean up.

EA's expertise in assessing, managing, and remediating environmental issues helps clients meet regulatory requirements, minimize environmental impact, and ensure the sustainability of their operations. Commitment to environmental stewardship and compliance makes us a trusted choice in these industries.

Our industrial and aerospace group has experience in a diverse set of industrial sites such as refineries, mining facilities (surface and underground), gas plants, gas compressor stations, oil production facilities, alternative fuels, chemical manufacturers, chemical recycling, chemical distribution, aerospace manufacturing, metal processing, airports, service stations, solid waste, hazardous waste, and mixed waste landfills.

Infrastructure & Development

Engineering Analytics, Inc. (EA) has a diverse geotechnical and civil engineering staff that provides infrastructure and development services to a wide range of governmental and private clients.

We serve as a reliable partner for clients seeking comprehensive infrastructure and development solutions. Our diverse team of geotechnical and civil engineers brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, ensuring that projects are executed efficiently, safely, and in compliance with regulations. EA's commitment to sustainable, resilient, and well-planned infrastructure development makes us a trusted choice for clients with diverse needs and aspirations.

EA is accomplished in the design, repair, upgrade, and optimization of stormwater systems, water treatment systems, and wastewater facilities. The EA team is knowledgeable in the design of pump and lift stations, tank and pond storage, and pipelines; has implemented sampling and monitoring programs and quality assurance plans; and has provided permitting assistance.


EA has prepared designs, feasibility studies, alternatives analysis, construction bid documents, construction cost estimates, as well as aided in contractor selection for the construction of new dams and the rehabilitation of aging facilities.

Engineering Analytics, Inc. provides comprehensive water services that cover the entire project lifecycle. Their expertise in dam construction and water facility rehabilitation positions them as a valuable partner for clients looking to manage and enhance their water resources and infrastructure. EA's commitment to quality, regulatory compliance, and cost-effective solutions makes them a trusted choice in the field of water resource management and engineering.

In addition to dam design, rehabilitation, and inspection, EA has significant experience in water storage planning and delivery, flood mapping, river restoration, dam failure investigations, and water treatment. EA has provided consulting services to a variety of industries including municipalities, industrial companies, mining companies, and state and federal agencies.

Power and Energy

Engineering Analytics, Inc. (EA) has an experienced power and energy engineering staff that provides a wide range of services to electrical utilities; oil & gas producers and distribution clients; water treatment facilities, both municipal and industrial; and to other power and energy producing and distribution clients.

EA stands as a trusted partner for clients in the power and energy sector. Their extensive range of services, coupled with their experienced engineering staff, allows them to address the unique needs and challenges of electrical utilities and others involved in power and energy production and distribution. EA's commitment to excellence, safety, sustainability, and compliance with industry standards positions them as a valuable asset in this essential industry.

Our services in this market sector include engineering design and construction management, civil engineering, substation and transmission structural design, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, process engineering, electrical design, instrumentation and automation, and information solutions.




Construction Materials & Lab testing
Engineering Analytics, Inc. provides engineering and materials testing services to private, municipal, and industrial clientele throughout the Rocky Mountain region.
Engineering design
Engineering Analytics offers a complete staff of professional geotechnical engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists, environmental scientists, technicians, and support personnel.
EA's professional staff of environmental scientists, hydrogeologists, civil and chemical engineers provide environmental consulting for public and private ventures, including Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, property procurements, construction and site inspections, permitting, operations, and site-remediation projects.
Process implementation & controls
Our instrumentation and controls team has a comprehensive background in industrial process automation supporting the design, install, commissioning, and monitoring of systems that control and measure variables including pressure, temperature, humidity, flow, pH, force, and speed.

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