Electrical Systems

Pumps, Lighting, One-Lines

Various Clients

EA’s experience in electrical systems includes engineering power design, control system design, construction observations of systems including pumping systems, water and wastewater treatment, commercial facilities, and industrial process systems. EA staff has participated in projects from new greenfield facilities to assisting clients with analysis and design of retrofit systems in existing plants. We have the experience to design power systems, lighting facilities, grounding, and control systems.

Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Station

City of Longmont, Colorado

EA is working with a team of engineers and contractors to design and construct a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling facility for the City of Longmont, Colorado. The project consists of taking the waste gas from the city’s wastewater treatment plant located in the same location, scrubbing and compressing the gas into CNG to be used to fuel the city’s fleet of trash trucks. The project will consist of installing a new ANGI compressor system and 28 indoor fueling bays with an administration building attached. The project includes site preparation, fuel line design and installation, and associated plumbing, electrical, and control and alarm systems.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Design

Waterside Lofts, Denver, Colorado

EA provided design and consultation assistance to a high-rise apartment building in downtown Denver to install a car charging power system in their underground garage facilities to allow their existing electrical power system to charge multiple vehicles while monitoring power usage to ensure there is not an overload of the in-place power system. EA staff also provided consulting and analysis assistance while working with the building management to determine the best fit charging system provider to work with the building owners to provide a turnkey system. The system will be designed to provide for the vehicle charging needs and meet the owners’ requirements for seamless billing and operation with minimal disruption to building tenants.

Arc Flash Study

Various Clients, Colorado

EA has provided arc flash analysis for multiple power systems. EA’s work on existing systems includes conversion of models from different software packages and providing design services. EA builds the model during the engineering phase of the project to ensure the final installed electrical components provide the lowest arc flash rating and highest level of safety for the plant personnel.

Union Pacific Railroad Vulcan Treatment Project

Union Pacific Railroad, Cheyenne, Wyoming

EA was retained to work with a team on the Union Pacific Railroad Vulcan Treatment Project in their railyard. The groundwater beneath the roundhouse area of the railyard is contaminated with trichlorethylene. Remediation included a water treatment plant, a slurry wall constructed around the roundhouse, and a collection sump and pump system to transport the water to the treatment system. EA was responsible for the design and implementation of the power and instrumentation modifications required to tie the new extraction sump pump into the existing treatment system. EA developed instrumentation and control diagrams, electrical wiring diagrams to add the new equipment and instrumentation to the existing control, electrical, and communications systems. EA also provided construction oversight and startup assistance for the extraction sump pump and water treatment system.

Blue Lake Remote Control System

San Miguel County, Colorado

The Blue Lake remote control system provides remote flow control and monitoring for the water supply penstock of the Bridal Veil hydroelectric project. EA was retained to design and install a system for remotely controlling and monitoring system flows to both mitigate the safety hazards of back-country travel to the site and also to increase the year-round operational efficiency of the hydroelectric and municipal water delivery systems. The new control system is comprised of an electronically actuated flow control valve, with electronic monitoring of flow rate, pressure, and various system parameters such as communications, cabinet temperatures, and battery voltage. Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) with human machine interfaces (HMIs) were installed both at Blue Lake and at the site office. The system is powered with a solar array, with battery storage designed to provide over 8 days of power. Radio communications were found to be cost-prohibitive, so wireless system communications take place via a secure, dedicated satellite link. Valve control commands are sent and executed in real time and system parameters are monitored continuously, with instantaneous values transmitted to the office every 15 minutes where they are stored on a PC. EA assists the client in project coordination with the Town of Telluride, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Colorado Dam Safety, and San Miguel County to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the system.

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