Water Treatment, Electrical Design, Controls & Instrumentation

EA engineers and scientists have managed or participated in numerous water treatment projects ranging from initial water quality assessments through bench and pilot-scale testing, full system design, and construction management. EA also offers expertise in the design and project management of the electrical systems and instrumentation and controls that operate these water treatment systems. We are well qualified to assist clients in the preparation of electrical system documentation, infrastructure upgrades, and electrical system computer modeling.

Water treatment, optimization, and upgrades

EA provides all aspects of mine water treatment, optimization and upgrades including process design, project management, start-up, and training. We offer expertise in filtration, lime and soda ash softening, clarification, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, and solids dewatering. With significant hands-on experience in the operation of many mine water treatment systems, EA’s engineers and staff can help your organization to determine the lowest capital and operational cost alternatives for your site.

Pipeline design and upgrades

In addition to our immense process piping experience, EA has also designed, specified, and project managed hundreds of miles of buried and surface pipelines for our industrial customers. Through hydraulic modeling, blending, pumping, and gravity flow, EA has helped its customers meet their regulatory and process requirements across their operational areas.

Tank and pond storage design and upgrades

Storage by either pond or tank is a critical process step in the treatment, disposal and/or recycling of mine waste water. With experience in the design, secondary containment, selection of materials, leak detection, etc., EA has helped our customers determine the best storage option for their specific needs and location. EA’s engineers have substantial experience in the design of grading, ring walls, prefabricated and site welded tanks, and outlet structures.

Sampling and Monitoring

EA has experience not only in sampling and monitoring to meet your water quality discharge requirements, but also in the development of sampling and quality assurance plans. Our engineers and environmental scientists are currently helping many mining clients meet their discharge sampling and well monitoring requirements, and compiling their monthly and yearly discharge reports to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Bench and Pilot Testing

EA has provided both bench and pilot testing for many industrial customers and has the expertise to help you find the lowest capital and operational expense options to meet your discharge or reuse needs. With expertise in filtration, lime and soda ash softening, clarification, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, solids dewatering, etc., EA can help your site find the best options in the shortest amount of time based on our past experience.


The discharge of treated mine water to a water body is a complex permitting process known as a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit. EA has helped many companies navigate this process and has assisted in the development of their quality assurance and quality control documentation.

Electrical system design and management

EA offers expertise in project management and design of commercial and industrial electrical systems, including preparation of drawings and specifications. Our expertise includes Motor Control Center (MCC) design, equipment layouts, loading calculations, grounding systems, resource utilization, load flow analysis, fault current studies, protective device coordination studies, equipment selection, and arc flash evaluation and mitigation.

Instrumentation and controls design

Instrumentation and controls are the foundation of a well-designed facility and can improve reliability, lower operating costs, and avoid unwanted downtime. EA has designed and installed hundreds of systems to date from simple level and flow controls to site wide automation. EA’s engineers are skilled in process design, loop drawings, control logic, motor control, plant instrument layout, distributed control system (DCS), programmable logic controller (PLC), specifications, data sheets for instrumentation, and sequential flow charts.

Water Treatment, Electrical, Instrumentation Services:

Engineering & Design

  • Site civil design
  • Structural design
  • Dam design, storage and delivery
  • Dam safety review, decommissioning
  • Hydraulics and hydrology
  • Geotechnical design
  • Geologic analyses, geologic hazards
  • Hydrogeology, geochemistry
  • Forensic studies, litigation support
  • Feasibility analyses, costing
  • Construction management

Process, Instrumentation, Controls

  • Water treatment design
  • Instrumentation, controls, and PLC
  • Electrical design, arc flash
  • Mechanical design

Environmental Monitoring & Compliance

  • Permitting, compliance
  • SPCC and SWPPP plans
  • Remedial investigations and site characterization
  • Groundwater remediation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Stormwater management
  • Health & safety

Construction Material Testing

  • Field engineering
  • Soil, concrete, asphalt testing
  • Quality assurance/quality control
  • Geotechnical laboratory testing
EA staff have designed, constructed, and/or supported operations of more than 12 water treatment systems/plants for our mining and industrial clients.

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