Operational Design

During the design process EA's engineers and scientists consider the entire mining life cycle to accelerate permitting, maximize operational efficiency, minimize environmental liabilities, and expedite closure. As needed, our staff uses state-of-the-art computer models during the design process. Our staff is proficient with the following 2-D and 3-D analyses packages: Geo-Slope, SoilVision, RocScience, Flac, Flac3D, UDEC, 3DEC, MODFLOW, as well as other modeling packages that may be required to meet the project needs.

Heap Leach Facilities

EA’s staff performs site and geotechnical investigations to determine the material properties and identify problematic areas. Our staff can provide the grading plan, liner design, collection piping layout, and stability analyses of the heap-leach pad. We use the existing site topography to facilitate collection of leachate, minimize capital costs, and speed the construction process.

Pit Dewatering

EA’s hydrogeologists have extensive experience developing dewatering plans and determining the impact that the pit dewatering might have on the surrounding aquifer. The groundwater flow data developed for pit dewatering can be used to optimize the pit layout and determine water treatment requirements.

Tailings Impoundments

EA works with our clients to determine the optimal placement and sizing of their waste storage facilities. As needed, our staff provides consulting services for expansion, tailings deposition, and operational issues. EA is currently working with existing clients to apply the principles presented in the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management to their tailings impoundments. EA staff also analyze the potential for tailings liquefaction and foundation failures and mitigation measures.

Soil and Rock Slope Stability

EA's staff has extensive experience completing soil and rock slope stability analyses. When needed, our staff also installs slope movement monitoring devices to alert operators of movement and potentially unsafe conditions.


As part of the site design process our engineers provide recommendations for road grading, facilities layout, and foundation recommendations.

Water Balance Models

A site-wide water balance is a critical piece of information during operation and closure to minimize risk, meet environmental regulations, and meet production targets. EA has completed water balances for many industries and has incorporated climate, groundwater, surface water bodies, recycle/reuse to help our customers source, dispose of, and understand the future demands of their site.

Insurance Recovery Support

Our engineers provide due diligence investigations for new policies and policy renewals. We also provide investigations to support litigation claims. Our insurance recovery support services include environmental releases and slope and tailings dam failures.

Operational Design Services:

Engineering & Design

  • Site civil design
  • Structural design
  • Dam design, storage and delivery
  • Dam safety review, decommissioning
  • Hydraulics and hydrology
  • Geotechnical design
  • Geologic analyses, geologic hazards
  • Hydrogeology, geochemistry
  • Forensic studies, litigation support
  • Feasibility analyses, costing
  • Construction management

Process, Instrumentation, Controls

  • Water treatment design
  • Instrumentation, controls, and PLC
  • Electrical design, arc flash
  • Mechanical design

Environmental Monitoring & Compliance

  • Permitting, compliance
  • SPCC and SWPPP plans
  • Remedial investigations and site characterization
  • Groundwater remediation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Stormwater management
  • Health & safety

Construction Material Testing

  • Field engineering
  • Soil, concrete, asphalt testing
  • Quality assurance/quality control
  • Geotechnical laboratory testing
Our staff is proficient with 2-D and 3-D analyses packages including Geo-Slope, SoilVision, RocScience, Flac, Flac3D, UDEC, 3DEC, and MODFLOW.

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