EA was retained to perform a field investigation, design, and construction oversight for the stabilization of the historic St. Vrain Mill foundation for the St. Vrain Mill Preservation and Historical Foundation in Mora, New Mexico. The mill is a 3-story masonry block structure with walls at a 23-foot height and 30-inch thickness constructed in 1864. Cracks in the east and west foundation walls developed with wall separation of up to 8 inches from collapsing soils. The project included a site visit, evaluation of subsurface and groundwater conditions, and foundation repair recommendations. Based on the structural assessment of the building and the geotechnical assessment of the soils, the building required foundation and wall stabilization. Six options were considered for long-term stabilization and an approach of permeation and compaction grouting was selected. A geotechnical report was compiled and submitted in 2015. In early 2018, EA provided construction oversight of the mill foundation stabilization that included permeation grouting to a depth of 4 feet below the exiting foundation, and compaction grouting to a depth of 24 feet below the existing foundation.