Water Treatment, Electrical Design, Control and Instrumentation

Comprehensive Site Management

California Gulch Superfund Site, Lake County, Colorado

EA provides Resurrection Mining Company, a subsidiary of Newmont, with comprehensive site assistance services at the California Gulch CERCLA site and associated Yak Water Treatment Facility. These services include equipment and chemical procurement; preparation and delivery of monthly, quarterly, and annual reports mandated by regulating agencies; contractor oversight and management; and regular environmental monitoring assistance for both surface and groundwater. EA’s engineers and scientists assist Resurrection Mining with facility and process operation and improvements, provide design services and construction management, and assist with preventive maintenance and system component replacement. Additionally, EA provides hazardous materials consultation at this site.

Water Management

Black Cloud Mine, Leadville, Colorado

EA assists with water management tasks including hydrologic, hydraulic, and geotechnical engineering services for natural waterway bypass channels and run-on diversion ditches, tailing seepage collection and treatment, and dam safety services. EA designed and constructed a new water treatment plant for the tailings storage facility toe drain collection system and assisted with procurement of a discharge permit for the system.

Water Treatment Plant Construction and Start Up Assistance

Con Mine, Yellowknife, Northern Territories Canada

EA staff designed, managed construction, and assisted in start-up of a new 3.41 m3/min water treatment plant on the Con Mine site located in Yellowknife, NWT for Newmont. The plant is used to treat impounded surface water at the mine. The plant design consisted of a raw water handling system, chemical reaction basins, chemical addition system, clarifier, filter basins, clearwell, and effluent system. In addition to the primary treatment processes, ancillary facilities constructed and installed include an office/laboratory, backwash system, backwash storage tank, chemical feed building, chemical storage tanks, non-potable water tank, sludge storage, electrical power systems, and instrumentation and controls.

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