Operational Design

Heap Leach and Site Design

Energy Fuels Resources, Jeffrey City, Wyoming

EA was responsible for the collection of field data and analyses for the design and permitting of a uranium ore heap leach facility. Our scope of work included optimizing the heap leach pad and mill site layout and developing the liner and collection pipe plans. EA optimized the layout of the heap leach pad and process facilities relative to the previous layout, reducing cut/fill volumes by approximately 1.4 million cubic yards, and substantially lowering construction cost.

Open Pit Analyses

Western Mesquite Mines/ New Gold, Brawley, California

EA performed stability analyses for mine high walls during active mining and for mine closure. The analyses entailed reviewing the subsurface faulting and structural geology at the site, material strength testing, and slope stability analyses using anisotropic strength parameters to model the faulting and bedding at the site. Our analyses allowed mining to safely advance through a movement sensitive area of the pit, providing the client access to additional resources.

Design of Tailings Storage Facility

Uranium One, Ticaboo, Utah

EA provided geotechnical engineering design for a tailings storage facility and impoundment reclamation for the Shootaring Canyon Mill. The scope of work included design of a liner and collection system for the tailings impoundment area and design of a cover for final reclamation. Design documents were prepared for submittal to the Utah Department of Environmental Quality in support of the permit application.

Tailings Dam Raise

Umetco Minerals Corporation, Hot Springs, Arkansas

EA designed and supervised construction of an embankment raise of the 125-foot-high tailings dam and developed a reclamation plan. The reclamation plan provided for continued operation of the tailings impoundment while closing other portions of the impoundment. The raise improved the existing drainage system and overall stability of the impoundment. The project included subsurface investigation and piezometer installation, flood routing and spillway design, seepage analyses and blanket design, coverage design, stability analyses, liquefaction analyses, and construction oversight.

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