Permitting & Compliance

EA’s technical expertise in remedial systems from design to start-up gives us a hands-on knowledge of system capabilities and the regulatory framework which is imperative for negotiating permits and to meet compliance. EA has implemented over 75 remediation systems ranging in scale from small retail petroleum sites to large multi-plume manufacturing facilities and has assisted in permitting and compliance negotiations on the majority of these sites. EA can also develop custom environmental training programs for all levels of staff or management, as well as coordinate environmental testing and compliance reporting.

Agency Negotiation

EA’s significant experience in all areas of soil, soil vapor, and groundwater remediation has allowed us to successfully negotiate with regulators from local, state, and federal agencies to reduce or eliminate costly project requirements and streamline the regulatory process. EA’s senior professionals have worked on many remediation projects over the years and their technical knowledge has helped identify and remove regulatory requirements that were not relevant to our clients.

Regulatory Compliance Assistance

EA staff constantly stay informed on all proposed regulation changes that may affect our client's current or proposed remediation program. EA’s licensed engineers routinely prepare regulatory summaries for our clients outlining the impacts of proposed rule changes and collaborate with our customers to prepare written comments and participate in public hearings for the public input processes. If rule changes occur, EA can help in developing remediation strategies, work with internal compliance audit teams, and support compliance efforts in all environmental media and regulatory programs. EA has performed multiple five-year remedy reviews for RCRA and state Superfund projects.

Permitting for Air Emissions

EA has prepared air emission inventories and greenhouse gas estimates using EPA and state recommended methods and models to help our customers meet their future or current regulatory and permit requirements. EA’s environmental scientists have also prepared applications for pre-construction and updates to operating permits required by air quality regulations. Our team can coordinate stack testing or performance testing and our engineers have specified and/or designed air pollution control process equipment.

Environmental Permitting

EA’s team of professionals have been involved in the preparation of many types of environmental permits. EA’s experience includes preparation of initial permits, modifications to existing permits, compliance deliverables, and termination of permits. Specifically, EA has experience in permits such as Waste Discharge Requirements, air permits, recycled water reuse requirements, Certified Unified Program Agencies (CUPA) permits, RCRA Hazardous Waste Storage Area (HWSA) Closure, California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Initial Studies, facility construction permits, and industrial sewer permits for one-time discharge of investigation derived wastes and short- to long-term discharge of treated groundwater. Additionally, EA staff has permitted groundwater remediation systems in adjudicated groundwater basins to maintain compliance with associated water rights.

NPDES Permit Analysis

EA has National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permitting experience for surface and groundwater discharges through state and federally run water quality programs. EA’s engineers have the scientific knowledge to review the technical and regulatory basis of an NPDES permits and have been able to negotiate limits more favorable to our clients than those developed by the regulators. If effluent limits are unattainable, EA staff have experience preparing Use Attainability Analyses (UAAs) and Alternative Analyses to negotiate with water quality regulators to obtain higher limits based on natural and irreversible anthropogenic conditions, economic factors, and actual uses.

Stormwater Assessment and Management

EA has expertise in evaluating and developing solutions for management of stormwater for our industrial and non-industrial clients. EA staff have provided technical evaluations to support surface water management at brownfield and currently operating industrial facilities. EA has assessed stormwater infiltration alternatives to minimize mobilization of potential contaminants in soil and lower infiltration requirements. EA’s professionals have also prepared and implemented storm water management programs for construction projects.

Permitting & Compliance Services:

Engineering & Design

  • Site civil design
  • Hydraulics and hydrology
  • Geotechnical design
  • Geologic analyses, geologic hazards
  • Hydrogeology, geochemistry
  • Feasibility analyses, costing

Environmental Monitoring & Compliance

  • Permitting, compliance
  • Vapor assessment and mitigation
  • SPCC and SWPPP plans
  • Remedial investigations and site characterization
  • Groundwater remediation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Stormwater management
  • Health & safety
We provide regulatory permitting for new construction or facility modifications.

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