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Geotechnical & Civil Engineering Consultants

Engineering Analytics, Inc. (EA) has a diverse geotechnical and civil engineering staff that provides infrastructure and development services to a wide range of governmental and private clients. EA has provided support for commercial, transportation, and public works projects for many decades.

EA’s significant expertise in soil engineering led to the authorship of Expansive Soils: Problems and Practices in Foundation and Pavement Engineering, a textbook used for college graduate level courses and as a reference by practicing engineers. In addition, EA is routinely retained for their expertise in soils to provide litigation support for construction defects. EA is also accomplished in the design, repair, upgrade, and optimization of stormwater systems, water treatment systems, and wastewater facilities. The EA team is knowledgeable in the design of pump and lift stations, tank and pond storage, and pipelines; has implemented sampling and monitoring programs and quality assurance plans; and has provided permitting assistance.

Areas of Expertise:

Site Development/Mitigation, and Forensic Investigations

EA has many decades of experience providing design, mitigation, and investigation services for industrial, commercial, municipal, federal, and private entities. EA has experience in foundation design and remediation, grading and drainage, retaining wall design, expansive or hydrocollapsible soil investigation and design, and settlement and compaction investigations and mitigation.

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EA has experience in transportation design, bidding, construction observations, and material testing for various roadway, pavement rehabilitation, site development, and drainage projects.

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Ground Stabilization

EA personnel are highly experienced in investigation, analysis, and mitigation design for ground stabilization projects.

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Water and Wastewater

EA staff has expertise in the design, repair, upgrade, and optimization of stormwater systems, water and wastewater facilities, pump and lift stations, tank and pond storage, and pipelines. EA has also helped many customers with their sampling and monitoring programs, quality assurance plans, and permitting requirements.

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