Industrial Water Treatment

Industrial Laundry, Many U.S. Locations

EA staff were responsible for the bench scale chemical treatment testing, process design, equipment selection, installation oversight, start-up, and training for multiple industrial laundries in the U.S.  Many additional projects were completed to upgrade and retrofit existing system to improve removal performance and meet ever lowering discharge limits.  System designs included equalization, pH adjustment, chemical physical separation, solids storage, solids dewatering, and effluent storage.  Additional work included pumping systems, simple to complex controls automation, electrical design, and process monitoring to ensure a reliable and consistent water quality.  Completed, new and upgraded treatment systems, not only met discharge limits but allowed for the reuse of effluent water reducing fresh water use in laundering by 40%.  Systems were designed to remove BOD, COD, total suspended solids, oil & grease, VOC’s, heavy metals, and other contaminants.

Train Washing Facilities, N.E. and N.W. U.S. Locations [Amtrak]

EA provided engineering services for the upgrade of multiple existing industrial wastewater treatment systems for train washing stations including the design of two new systems in the U.S.  Retrofitted systems included equipment modifications to improve contaminant removal, process changes to lower chemical costs, and automation updates to improve reliability.  New system designs incorporated equalization, free oil removal and storage, liquid/solids separation, pH adjustment, chemical conditioning, sludge handling, dewatering, flow monitoring, controls, and automation.  Additional work included installation oversight, start-up, operator training, written operations and maintenance manuals, and region wide training of wastewater treatment operators on the proper design of treatment system and operational best practices.

Food Processing, Various Locations

EA has upgraded existing wastewater treatment systems, designed and provided installation oversite on new treatment systems, and conducted pilot studies for both treatment and solids dewatering for a wide range of food processors including, corn tortilla manufacturers, creameries, milk and soymilk producers, margarine, bread bakeries, kill plants, meat smoking facilities, etc.  EA has evaluated and designed systems for waste and water collection, grit handling, pumping systems, high contaminant stream isolation, GRAS chemical addition, solids dewatering and reuse, along with chemical/physical treatment.  This work through start-up and operator training lowered our customer’s maintenance costs, minimized upset conditions, and lowered surcharges to the municipal WWTP.