Remedial Action, Optimization and Regulatory Closure

Remediation System Implementation, Former Rocket Engine Testing Facility

acramento County, California

EA staff provided engineering design and construction oversight services for a for a 500 gpm volatile organic compound (VOC) pump and treatment remediation system for former rocket test facilities in Sacramento County, California. Activities included preparation of process design, mechanical design, control system specifications, and civil design as well as development of plan and profile drawings for over three miles of below grade conveyance pipeline installed via open cut trench and directional bore within private and public right-of-way. In addition, EA staff provided contracting support for the client-led contracting which included preparation of scope of work, technical review of contractor submittals, and technical review of change orders. EA prepared regulatory permits for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, and local municipalities and performed field quality control during construction and start-up of the system.

Risk Management, Former Aerospace Facility

Southern California

EA has provided environmental risk management services for several former aerospace facilities in Southern California. Risk management services included designing the scopes of long-term environmental programs and developing and maintaining the associated short- and long-term cost estimates to manage these programs; preparing risk management, project management and financial management plans; aggressively developing, negotiating, and applying site-specific cleanup levels for soil, soil vapor, surface water and/or groundwater; developing, managing and implementing the road maps to site closure and retirement of environmental risks; preparing documents to obtain regulatory agency approval of “No Further Action” and site closures; and supporting due diligence activities for client property divestiture plans.

Remediation System Optimization, Former Aerospace Facility

Los Angeles County, California

EA staff provided value engineering and peer review for soil vapor treatment system optimization at a former aerospace facility. EA evaluated costs for alternative technologies and replacement of initial remedy installation; this evaluation resulted in reduced operation and maintenance costs. The work included peer review of remediation technical documents, design and optimization of soil and groundwater remediation systems and containment extraction wellfields, and preparation of 5-Year Remedy Reviews. The project resulted in reduced operational costs by obtaining regulatory agency approval to cease or reduce soil and groundwater remediation system operations.

Sustainable Operations, Former Rocket Engine Testing Facility


EA staff designed an updated groundwater and surface water treatment system to eliminate a pumping system and allow passive treatment of volatile organic compound (VOC) impacted water. The previous treatment system relied on pumping systems to transfer water from an equalization tank to liquid phase carbon treat and subsequent infiltration. The system was updated to remove the equalization tank and pumping system and rely on the existing gravity head in the system. The piping system was replaced to create efficient flow and reliable metering. The updated design eliminated all pumping costs, reduced the storage of untreated water, and reduced operation and maintenance costs.

Regulatory Closure, Former Aerospace Facility

Southern California

EA staff designed, planned, and supervised a comprehensive soil assessment and remediation program at a former aerospace facility in Southern California. The soil assessment included thousands of soil borings, tens of thousands of soil samples, hundreds of soil vapor probes, and thousands of soil vapor samples. Data from these assessments were used to evaluate the potential risk that residual contaminants in soil posed to site uses. EA staff developed and implemented remediation plans to achieve the client’s desire to sell the property. EA completed groundwater remediation and attained closure of jet fuel and hexavalent chromium plumes. EA staff directed and coordinated with risk assessors to develop site-specific risk-based soil matrix and soil vapor cleanup levels and successfully negotiated with the regulatory agency for their approval of these cleanup levels.

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