Water & Wastewater

Wastewater Treatment Aeration Basin

South Fort Collins Wastewater Treatment Facility, Colorado

EA staff was retained by The Engineering Company to complete the structural design of an administration building and aeration basin for the South Fort Collins Wastewater Treatment Facility Expansion. EA staff was responsible for and provided all geotechnical investigations as well as materials testing during construction.

Structural Design for Water Treatment Plant Expansion

Solider Canyon Water Treatment Plant, Larimer County, Colorado

EA staff was retained by The Engineering Company to complete the structural design of the Soldier Canyon Water Treatment Plant Expansion.  EA staff was responsible for and provided all geotechnical investigations and QC material testing during construction.

Raton Filter Plant Upgrades

City of Raton, New Mexico

Engineering Analytics, Inc. (EA) was contracted by Raton Water Works (RWW) to design upgrades to the existing water treatment plant (WTP) in order to extend the facility usage for 15-20 years. EA prepared an Environmental Report and Preliminary Engineering Report per USDA standards to assist with the application for funding the project.  EA developed the bid documents in accordance with USDA requirements, managed the bidding process, negotiated with the Contractor, and provided construction management, materials testing, and startup assistance—all while the plant continued to produce drinking water for the City of Raton. EA staff designed the structural, civil and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) improvements.  EA subcontracted with Plummer Assoc. and Rivera Engineering for design of the process and HVAC improvements, respectively.

Bellvue Water Treatment Plant Backwash Pump Upgrades

City of Greeley, Greeley, Colorado

The recent upgrade, and construction of a new filter plant building (TB1), to the Bellvue Water Treatment Plant, increased the demand for the filter backwash supply and backwash recovery systems. The increased demand requires a corresponding increase in the capacity of the system pumps. This project focuses on evaluating the system requirements, existing pumps, clear well and piping components capacities, and the ability to re-use components within the backwash system design. EA is working with the City of Greeley to select the preferred alternative. Then EA will develop a design for the new backwash supply and recovery system, along with construction drawings and specifications.

Brilliant Waterline Replacement

City of Raton, Raton, New Mexico

EA provided civil construction plans for the replacement of approximately 3,000 linear feet of 10” diameter drinking water main line along Brilliant Street and Hart Avenue in Raton, New Mexico. Design included layout of a new waterline with a network of valves to minimize down time, ensuring the public has water supply for as long as possible. The existing waterline was abandoned in place. EA also provided construction management services for this project including preparing bidding documents, contractor selection and award, construction submittals review, and construction materials testing.


Lake Dorothy Spillway and Outlet Works Rehabilitation

Las Animas, Colorado

Engineering Analytics, Inc. (EA) provided the design, bidding and construction management for the rehabilitation of the concrete ogee spillway for this dam, located in Las Animas County, Colorado.  EA saved the owner approximately $137K in negotiations with the contractor, value engineering, and effective construction management.  This cost savings allowed the owner to increase the scope for additional improvements and stay within their budget.  Deliverables included design, construction plans, and specifications.  Final as-built drawings were prepared for the concrete overlay of the spillway floor and a portion of the spillway wall; drains under the spillway floor and behind the spillway wall; valve vault lid with hatch doors; and woody vegetation removal.  EA also developed plans to add a toe seepage collection swale for the ongoing monitoring of seepage.


Capulin Volcano Water Tank Replacement

Capulin, New Mexico

This project includes demolition and removal of a 50,000-gallon water tank, and installation of a 50,000-gallon glass fused to steel water tank, piping, and site restoration.  EA's client, Ridgway Valley Enterprises (RVE), is under contract with the NPS to design-build a 50,000-gallon water storage tank to replace the existing deteriorated tank at the Capulin Volcano National Monument in Capulin, Union County, New Mexico. RVE hired EA to perform the geotechnical investigation and develop plans, specifications and design report for submittal to the New Mexico Environment Department for approval.

Water Main Replacement, Capulin Volcano National Monument

Capulin, New Mexico

EA's client, Zohnnie Construction, was under contract with the National Park Service to design-build the replacement of the water main and extension of water/fire lines and sewer service with lift station to the maintenance building. Engineering Analytics provided the geotechnical investigation, developed construction drawings and specifications, and provided construction observations for the project.  The geotechnical investigation evaluated the areas where rock trenching would be required for underground utilities.  EA submitted the plans, specifications, design report and application to the New Mexico Environment Department for approval.

124th Reservoir Riprap Design

City of Brighton, Adams County , Colorado

The City of Brighton contracted with EA to address protecting the banks of their 124th Augmentation Reservoir from erosion. EA performed a geotechnical investigation comprised of manual auger sampling and laboratory testing. EA evaluated the feasibility and advantages of multiple erosion protection alternatives based on existing information and the results of the geotechnical investigation. These alternatives included riprap, concrete filled geoweb synthetic, and articulated concrete blocks. In addition to evaluating these alternatives, EA also analyzed the possibility of increasing reservoir operation capacity through improving slope stability. This was determined to be feasible through riprap placement on the perimeter of the reservoir after finite element slope stability modeling. Because of these results, additional operational reservoir capacity may be implemented as a future improvement to 124th Reservoir.

After City of Brighton opted to proceed with riprap as the preferred erosion protection method, EA prepared the design, construction drawings, and specifications. The design prioritized protecting U.S. Highway 85 which borders the reservoir to the east, and the Fulton Ditch which borders the reservoir to the west. In addition to protecting these critical infrastructure elements, adjacent houses and the access road surrounding the reservoir were protected in critical areas.

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