Site Development/Mitigation, and Forensic Investigations

Foundation Remediation, Residential Subdivision

Erie, Colorado

Engineering Analytics provided geotechnical remediation design for 81 houses constructed at a site with highly expansive soils and bedrock. An investigation was performed to determine the cause of structural movement and to determine the risk of additional structural movement due to expansive soils. Site-specific geologic, geotechnical, and hydrologic information was used to calculate the anticipated future soil heave. A foundation underpinning system was developed and the residences were underpinned with a deep micropile foundation system.

Foundation Underpinning

Stapelton Subdivision, Denver, Colorado

Eleven structures in the KB Homes subdivision in Denver, Colorado experienced severe settlement after completion of the residences. EA was hired to evaluate the cause of settlement, design repairs, and oversee construction. EA determined that the settlement was due to uncompacted fill beneath the foundations adjacent to the utility alley where construction compaction equipment could not properly work. EA designed replacement helical piers and structural haunches to relevel and support the structures.

Expansive Soils Investigation

FAA TRACON Building, Denver International Airport, Colorado

EA staff was contracted by the FAA to perform a geotechnical engineering investigation of the Terminal Radar Approach Control Facilities (TRACON) building at Denver International Airport. The TRACON building had a slab-on-grade concrete floor and was supported on a pier and grade beam foundation. The site is located in an area with highly expansive soils. The subsoil at the site consisted of 7 to 13 feet of fill and natural soils underlain by weathered claystone and claystone bedrock. The natural soils, weathered claystone and claystone bedrock, exhibited moderate to very high swell potential. The investigation and analyses performed included identification of design and construction deficiencies and calculations of potential slab heave and pier movement. Additionally, conceptual repair options and costs were presented.

Collapsible Soils Investigation

Pine Ridge Townhomes, Basalt, Colorado

Engineering Analytics provided litigation support and expert opinions for distressed, multifamily, residential buildings in Basalt, Colorado. Collapsible soils were identified at the site by geohazard evaluations and pre-construction investigations. Within 10 years of the construction, buildings experienced differential settlement due to collapsible soils. Our investigation included identifying collapsible soil locations and determining future potential settlement.

Multi-Modal Center Construction Management

City of Raton, New Mexico

The City of Raton hired EA for field observations during construction of the Multi-Modal Center (a.k.a. Heritage Park) in the heart of the Historic Downtown Raton. EA performed construction management for the project, which included construction observation, contractor labor interviews, problem-solving construction issues, verifying quantities, and coordinating with the design team, contractor, and the City. Construction entailed two stucco bus shelters consisting of Concrete Masonry Units (CMU) block and steel columns, two CMU block seating structures with precast concrete caps, an asphalt parking lot, concrete curb and gutter with sidewalk, an irrigation system, and extensive landscaping. The completed facility now hosts many local outdoor events. EA worked with the project design engineer throughout the duration of the project. In January 2019, this project received an Engineering Excellence Award through the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC).

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